artist statement


The haptic perception of textiles and the „no longer usable“ fabrics are themes that I set
in motion within my artistic work. In the use of cast-off-fabrics, I question the changeability of organic matter, but also the transience and our society.
The organic elements in constant transformation and the perception of the natural course
of events in nature, as in my own body are a great impetus for me.
The body, the processes of transformation that arise consciously and unconsciously,
similar to the processes we can observe with organic matter come into a dialogue.
I am a part of nature?
Am I an organic matter and
a part of these beautiful processes of decay?
The handwork as a permanent course without machine support, promotes the emergence of
this process which speaks with own esthetic. Any physical or emotional change of the
craftsman could be seen in the emergence of the art piece which is a lengthy process of
countless movements of the needle.
The repetitive stitches represent the repetitive movements and breaths that the body
makes. Every stitch shows personality.
The embroidery or the shaping of an object happens in the moment of work,
spontaneously and performatively. The recurrence and presence are substantial part of the installation.